Seminyak 27

Vincita 27th Anniversary Special Edition

TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards 2015 winning entry in Peripherals + Accessories

SEMINYAK 27 is a multifunctional waterproof bag designed for urbanites. It is a seamless messenger bag which takes 30 seconds to completely transform into a pannier. The anatomically designed jacket comes with an EVA shell to protect the riders’ back. A sturdy lockable zipper prevents the bag from dissembling when riding. It has a unique double closure system (roll top and side buckle) which allows the rider easy access. The circular shape is aesthetically designed to suit the wheel rather than withdrawing from the look of the bike by adding bulk. SEMINYAK 27 is a versatile bag designed to fit standard bikes as well as some folding bikes. Inspired and designed when traveling around Seminyak, Bali.

Limited number available.