[Review] Customized transport bag for Thorn Nomad MK 2 Expedition Bike

 Mark Moran, a cyclist from the U.S. came to our store for a customized transport bag for his Thorn Nomad MK 2 Expedition Bike. Here's the review of this bag on his blog.



I recently bought an illustrious Thorn Nomad MK 2 expedition bike from SJS Cycles and had a custom made bike bag made for it made by Vincita, a small Thai company which specializes in bike bags.  I had problems bringing this bike back from the US having been given an “S & S Machine Backpack Case” by SJS Cycles that was not big enough to fit an expedition style bike with racks.  Adequate protection and convenience were also issues for me.  Others have come across similar issues.  Below a discussion of my new bag:



Different riders have different priorities for riding and for me it is important to be able to hop on a plane and fly somewhere with very little planning, bring my bike, adequately protected, and be able to quickly assemble this bicycle.  I don’t mind paying extra if I am able to do the above.  With this is mind a bag was designed where I could simply uncouple my bike, take off the front wheel and front rack, place it easily in a bag and go.  It can be seen above how one half of the bike has been placed in the bag.  The rack is still attached as are the pedals.



The finished product.  Straps on the outside and inside to provide tension.  This is a bigger bag, but much more convenient when assembling because all it involves is tightening the couplers, putting on the front tire, and then screwing in the front racks.  This bag can be rolled up and carried on the back of the bike.  (More on this later.)  It is amazing how quickly this whole process is, unlike completely dissembling the bike and then spending an hour tinkering around hoping that you put all of the washers and screws int he right place..."

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