Our Journey


We know the rewards of travelling go far beyond the picturesque views and vivid stories. The explorer's life is built on the connections that slowly change our perspective of the world. Travellers know that community is at the heart of every adventure. We're constantly seeking out local sights, foods, and experiences to connect with each new environment.

As sisters and co-directors, we work to honour Vincita's ethical, collaborative foundation, while reimagining new styles for the modern rider. We listen to cyclists' needs, problems, and ideas for life on two wheels. This dialogue inspires each bag design, which is then created and distributed by our passionate team.

Our father, Yingsak Sinhaseni had the traveller in mind when he founded Vincita in 1987. He set out to reinvent bike storage to meet the needs of the diverse cyclist, and knew that local collaboration was central to this mission. Yingsak started working with bicyclists to innovate bag designs for every journey, from the daily commute to the global excursion.

After co-creating prototypes with the cyclist community, Yingsak then began to support his neighbourhood by providing jobs to local women in Thailand. He passed down this relationship-centered business approach to the next generation.

Now, Vincita continues this mission, partnering with cyclists to bring you the best bags and gear. Whether you're travelling off-road, down the street, or across the country — we'll see you there.

— Pailin & Gem

Interested in creating with us? Connect with the Vincita team here — We'd love to hear your ideas.

Drop us a message at info@vincita.co.th