[Featured Story] Sell everything. Quit the job. Hit the road

Last year, Vincita supported Mr. Andrew Charnley with waterproof panniers for his bike journey around the world.

To sum up what this journey is about: "Sell everything. Quit the job. Hit the road. Around the world on two wheels; Europe, Middle East, Asia and Americas." More details on his website.

Here is the recent update from him in Indonesia.

"Getting the bicycle onto a small wooden boat over to Gili Meno was very difficult. Wading through the sea and trying to lift it over the side the front left pannier snagged on the boats edge and fell off into the water. Oh my God! My laptop! Luckily, the pannier was waterproof. 

Now building a wooden toilet for a local and continuing through the islands towards Australia. It's hot, sticky and frequently raining in this part of the world, but the journey goes on regardless."


Continue reading on his Facebook page.