Waterproof Cycling Bags

Waterproof Cycling Bags

       Need to make sure your stuff stays dry while you’re on the road or trail? Then choose a waterproof cycling bag. Our waterproof bags are made from tough Tarpaulin fabric, 600 Denier Polyester and reinforced hard plastic board. They are assembled with welded seams technology, which means no stitching, so they are fully waterproof. We’ve tested these bags with extreme adventurous touring cyclists, so we stand behind their quality and durability. The most popular waterproof biking bags are saddle bags and pannier bags. These bags give cyclists options to carry a little or a lot.

Waterproof Bike Saddle Bags

       Vincita presents the only waterproof bike saddle bag that fits all bike types, allowing for enough space between the saddle and rear wheel. Saddle bags attach simply and easily. You’ll never need to worry if it can take hours and miles of extreme biking. It certainly will. These no-seam waterproof bags have a roll top closure. It is fitted with safety reflective spots as well. Use the extra straps for the seat if necessary. All straps are adjustable.

Waterproof Bike Pannier Bags

      Pannier bags fit on the rear rack of your back, taking the place of heavy backpacks that leave you sweaty. There are a variety of sizes and configurations depending on what you need to carry—laptop and files to work or even fresh food for a lunch in the park. The most convenient panniers are those that avoid heel strikes (when you hit the bag with your shoe while pedaling), keeping a low center of gravity. Panniers are purchased in pairs, one for each side. Hidden mesh pockets keep small items stored with care. Completely waterproof bike pannier bags also have reflective tape to ensure you are visible to cars. Vincita pannier bags have a roll top closure and an adjustable quick release system.

Other Waterproof Bags

       In addition to frame and pannier waterproof bags, Vincita also offers waterproof top tube bags and handlebar bags, including ones that adhere with Klickfix adapters. Keep your belongings dry as well with a foldable rain cover.

Why Choose Vincita for Waterproof Bike Bags

       Take a look at all of our waterproof bags to find the one that is the right size for your biking adventures. You can expect a durable, well-made bag that will keep all your belongings water free. No need to worry about we weather with a waterproof bag from Vincita.