Traveling to the Netherlands with a Brompton and B132F

Thinking about traveling with your folding bike overseas? Check this detailed review from I Love Biking SF and read why our B132F was chosen.

"There are many options to travel on the plane with a Brompton. You can get a suitcase or a hard case that is designed for a folding bike, you can box it up at home or at the airport, you can also try gate-checking, or bring it on the plane as a carry-on. I took a combined approach. Because I wanted to be able to ride to and from the airports and not having to rely on taxis or transits, I decided to get a portable transport bag and checked in my Brompton. Moreover, I already have enough stress as it is from flying, I didn’t want the extra stress from dealing with TSA and gate-checking staffs."

"This transport bag by Vincita served my purposes very well. When it’s folded, it’s small in size and can be mounted on the handlebar, bike frame or on a saddle with loops. When it’s opened, there’s enough room to shove in clothes or what have you to protect your Brompton."

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Cr: I Love Biking SF & OAK