Brompton Babble and their Sightseer sets

Maria and her boyfriend, two canadians who were living in Korea were in search of a new biking adventure. They decided to do a mini tour and flew to Kyoto, Japan 

Travel: Plane from Seoul to Osaka. Bus to Kyoto. Duration: 4 days (end of November)

"Out first ride from Kyoto station to the lodgings was about an hour ride, but I did not feel at all hindered by the extra baggage behind me.  A slight bump here or there just helped keep me mindful of the additional perimeter I had to keep in mind. I would even be comfortable taking this for much longer trips where you would need to take all of your stuff with you." 

The sightseer set consists of 2 bags; a transport bag with wheels and a garment bag. The concept is "The folding bag for the folding bike" it is designed to save time and space. A compact and self-assembling travel solution for anyone travelling with a brompton bike.

"It was really a pleasant surprise as to how helpful and useful the garment bag was.  Just looking at the website, I thought it was just another thing to “buy” and even unboxing it wasn’t too impressive. But, it REALLY worked well! Added piece of mind to cradling the Brompton, a nice way to organize and divide up clothing, and so easy to slide in and out of the Sightseer bag." said Maria.

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