5 Tips for Getting Back on Bike Commuting

5 Tips for Getting Back on Bike Commuting

5 Tips for Getting Back on Bike Commuting

If you drive to work or spend most days staring out the window from the seat of a bus, you will already know that cycling to work is a much better option. However, while this enjoyable process is far less frustrating than sitting in traffic, there are certain things to keep in mind which can hopefully persuade you to make an effort to get back in the saddle. With this in mind, here are five tips for starting the year on the right foot and getting back to bike commuting:

1.Get Up Earlier

There is a very good reason as to why so many successful business owners get up extremely early in the morning. Taking an extra hour to prepare for the commute to work can relieve stress but also ensure you are organized. Furthermore, this extra time will provide ample time to get your travel bike ready and hit the road without any reason to rush.


2.Invest in a Bike Travel Bag

Instead of leaving your shoulders to suffer during the commute, invest in a decent bike travel bag which can comfortably fit everything you need for the day. In the long run, this is a sound investment which will save you stress when packing and ensure you have more balance while cycling to work.


3.Avoid Taking the Same Route

One of the main reasons for which the work commute is so mundane can be attributed to taking an identical route and the same routine every day. With this in mind, a nice way to keep the daily commute interesting is to take a different route every few days and enjoy the very essence and adventurous spirit of cycling.


4.Consider a Microadventure

As mentioned in other articles, microadventures are short, local and affordable adventures. In fact, the benefit of these adventures is the convenience at which they can be taken, for microadventures can be enjoyed any night of the week. In short, if you have a tent and a decent bike travel bag, all you need to do is locate somewhere safe to go camping for the night before cycling back to work at sunrise the next morning.


5.Appreciate the moment


The best part of any bike trip is found on the journey, and while cycling to work is often faster than taking the bus, the real reward is the process itself. After all, cycling is the best way to see the world in which we live and a primitive activity which is known to relieve stress and thoughts about the daily nuances of life.


Moral of the story: Bike commuting is possibly the fastest and most affordable way to commute. However, with the right equipment, extra time and a little more appreciation; the bike commute is also the most enjoyable way to reach your workplace. After all, there should really be no encouragement necessary to be in the saddle and on the other side of the bus window.