8 Things to Pack for Your First Brompton Trip Abroad

8 Things to Pack for Your First Brompton Trip Abroad


The Brompton bike is an elegant piece of engineering that takes care of the most annoying aspect of bike travel, portability. Strange as it may seem, a portable bike that is light and has a small form factor is ideal for transporting to faraway locations. So unless you are planning to ride your bike for hundreds (or even thousands!) of kilometers, you need to carry it with you on a plane or a ship. Thankfully, Brompton bicycles are a reliable companion for trips abroad. So what are the essential pieces of gear you need for your first journey abroad with your Brompton? Let’s find out!

Your Brompton needs to be checked-in as luggage but you sure don’t want to hand it over in its folded state. It is more than likely that without any kind of protection, your Brompton will get scraped up, dinged and even worse suffer damages that affect the gears or other parts of the mechanism. Pack your bike into a Brompton bag from Vincita, which has all kinds of options for keeping the bike safe and easy to transport. Our Sightseer bags are especially good for this as they have room for garments in the garment bag.

Since the surroundings are not always familiar on a bike trip abroad, it is a great idea to carry your own handlebar bike bag. Panniers are better for traditional bicycles that have a chassis that can withstand the extra weight but for a Brompton, a handlebar bag is the most logical piece of gear you need to carry heavier gear.

Carry some basic tools with you on trips abroad as you do not know where the nearest maintenance stops are going to be. You will need some basic tools, a patch kit, an extra inner tube, and a portable air pump.

For quick access and perhaps just a little bit of extra storage, a handlebar pouch can be a great little pocket of space. It can fit easily on the handlebars and it is easy for you to access.

If you’re going to be riding later in the evening or even early on in the night, you will need lights on your bike. It is illegal in many countries to ride on the road without any lights, so keep those handy to avoid any unwanted fines. Lights fit neatly within most handlebar pouches.

Securing your bike is of utmost importance. You don’t want to leave potential thieves any openings to steal your bike from you, so you will need to secure your Brompton effectively. Aside from your bike (which should be locked securely by its frame and wheel), you will need to ensure that your bags and luggage are securely locked as well.

You will need to carry a helmet and perhaps a safety jacket with you for any touring rides. Travel helmets of all varieties are available and it is important to always wear a helmet when you are on your bike. Safety jackets can have some crash padding and reflective patches to indicate your position on the road.

Long rides can really dehydrate riders. You won’t even notice that you are feeling thirsty but just a little bit of water can go a long way. Keep a cycling bottle handy and sip from it regularly to maintain your health.

You will find plenty of reasons to take your Brompton with you on a cycling trip abroad but be sure to pack the practical items that will make your journey easier. For more products and ideas for your Brompton trip, visit Vincita.