Best One Week Bike Routes in Asia

Best One Week Bike Routes in Asia

Best One Week Bike Routes in Asia

          Try any of these one-week bike routes in Asia for an unforgettable cycling experience. Here are the best Asian bike routes, along with tips and destination ideas to make your journey even better. From the Silk Road to National Highway 1 in Vietnam, learn about top bike routes for cycling enthusiasts.

          Cycling is one of the best ways to see many of Asia’s most iconic locations – and many lesser-known ones, too. So if you’ve found your ideal bike and want to find an ideal place to use it, here are five of the best cycling tours you can take in Asia – in just one week.

1.Silk Road – Beijing to Ulan Bator

          The Silk Road is not really one road at all. It is an ancient network of trading routes stretching between China and Turkey. These routes were established before 220 AD, providing a convenient way for silk merchants to travel between different countries and trade their wares. Today, they are highly popular with tourists, particularly cyclists, due to the varied terrain and many fascinating sights along the way.

          This particular route is the first section of the Silk Road, starting in the Chinese capital, Beijing, and ending in Ulan Bator in Mongolia. It takes in many historic landmarks, including the Great Wall of China and the Gobi Desert, as well as stunning views and possible sightings of rare animals.

         Be prepared for some challenging terrain and unpredictable temperatures – but this ride is the experience of a lifetime!


          This tiny south Asian country is still relatively unknown to most tourists and its beautiful mountainous scenery makes it an ideal cycling destination. It’s the perfect place to experience the majestic Himalayas without the crowds that gather in more popular locations along this mountain range.

          A week cycling in Bhutan gives you a great opportunity to tackle some varied terrain while discovering the beauty of this unspoilt country. Alongside the breathtaking mountain views you’ll find lush green forests with plenty of native wildlife. You can also explore the many fascinating villages and ancient monasteries along the way.

3.Bangkok to Phuket, Thailand

          A popular route for cyclists, riding from Bangkok to Phuket is a great way to see some of the main sights of Thailand in just one week. It’s a beautiful journey in a tropical location, allowing you to take in both coastal and mountainous scenery in one of the world’s most vibrant countries.

           Beginning in Bangkok, the journey gives you the opportunity to explore some essential landmarks including Sam Roi Yot National Park and the laid-back beach at Ban Krut, before cycling through the jungle scenery of the mountains. Stop off at the spa town of Ranon and enjoy the rural terrain on your way to the Khuraburi resort, before finally arriving at Phuket Island.

          This varied route is challenging in places, not least due to the tropical climate – but there is no better way to enjoy the Thai landscape than by bike. And, if you want to take a few extra days to explore the many temples, markets and beaches along the route, who could blame you?

4.Rajasthan, India

          Enjoying a cycling tour of Rajasthan is an ideal way of taking in some of India’s most famous locations, as well as exploring some of the more rural areas off the beaten track.

           If you start your tour in the iconic “Pink City” of Jaipur, you will have the chance to see some of the city’s major attractions, including the Amber Fort and the Palace of the Winds. Along the route, you’ll visit the beautiful Sambhar Lake in Sawarda and the historic fort at Kishangarh, before concluding your journey at Pushkar, home to fascinating Hindu temples and sacred bathing areas.

            However, this is only one suggested itinerary if you want to cycle Rajasthan in just one week. There are a number of different routes you can take, depending on your interests and cycling abilities. Each route is just as fascinating as the rest.

5.National Highway 1, Vietnam

          Few cycling routes are as iconic as National Highway 1 in Vietnam. Running between the cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh (formerly Saigon), this route is viewed in Vietnam as a symbol of unity. It encompasses famous landmarks and little-known rural areas, giving you plenty of opportunity to test your cycling skills throughout your journey.

          It isn’t possible to cycle the whole highway in one week, but many tour companies offer the route as a mixture of cycling and public transport. This can be an ideal way to take this journey, as many stretches of the highway are extremely rural and sparsely populated. There are some stretches of over 70 miles between towns, so public transport can be sensible for less experienced cyclists.

Many cyclists choose to ride just one section of the route. Whether you choose the North, Central or South section, you’ll find plenty of interesting terrain, beautiful scenery and essential landmarks to make this a truly memorable trip.

Feel ready to cycle Asia in one week? Now all you need to do is choose your destination, plan your trip, and get on your bike!