Joining a Cycling Club

Joining a Cycling Club

Cycling clubs or group bike rides (there are many names for these associations) are a strong mainstay in modern riding culture. The benefits of joining a club are numerous and we will explore them in detail, but the best reason for joining is that you want more from riding.

Like going to the gym with a training partner or playing a sport with like-minded friends, group riding gives us more motivation and comrades to pursue cycling in different ways. Finding a group that suits your needs is crucial for enjoying the group riding experience. Begin by seeking out the kind of biking group that you are looking for and check the details before making any kind of commitment.

Finding the Right Riding Group

The Internet is extremely helpful in this regard and every major metropolitan city in the world has dedicated riding groups nowadays. These clubs can be searched online and like anything else these days, they have a decent social media presence.

Getting in touch with them is not especially difficult either and many clubs are looking for new members often unless they have reached their recruitment goals or they are closed clubs in the first place.

Whether you are a newbie rider or a more advanced one, it is a good idea to prepare some questions you might have about the club by figuring out your needs and seeing what the club does to address them.

For instance, some groups might focus on long tours that are leisurely in nature, combining riding with sightseeing whereas others might be looking to prepare for amateur or professional riding competitions. Read up on what the group does and see how it you fit in with them.

Once you meet the group and the leader of the organization, ask the questions you have prepared in advance and if you are satisfied with the answers, take a decision to join the team accordingly.

Preparing For Your First Group Ride

Once you know the objectives of the riding group, you can prepare your gear accordingly. Basics always include your helmet, bike lights, a flat tire kit, water and anything you like to keep at hand on rides.

Before setting out, speak to the ride leader about practical aspects of the ride, such as what to do if you fall out of the pack, what are the planned rest stops, the speed of the ride group and what the communication gestures are going to be.

Enjoy the Ride

Group rides can make you a better rider and that’s through more than just the experience of riding. You can always talk to more experienced riders on the group and learn from them. You can observe how other riders handle their bikes on a ride and improve your technique.

Riding with a group has multiple practical advantages as well. The group can plan routes better based on combined experiences and a group can carry extra supplies together and share the load well. If you get a flat tire or a mechanical problem with your bike, you have companions to help you get through the issue or perhaps even solve it for you.

Finally, a riding group is a great motivator to explore and enjoy riding a bike. You have new friends to ride with and that could help motivate you to ride on days that you might usually stay in. Generally speaking, meeting friends through a bike club is a great reason to join up, so enjoy your ride with your new friends.

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