The Top 10 Cycling Destinations in the World

The Top 10 Cycling Destinations in the World

The Top 10 Cycling Destinations in the World

There is no question that bicycle riders don't get the best of all worlds with their ability to pack up the bike and fly anywhere in the world for a ride. We've put together a list of the top 10 destinations to dream about.

1. Champs Elysees (Paris)  

OK, so it's not the most picturesque and comfortable of rides, but you're actually riding on the cobbles of the most iconic bike race on the globe. Do it!

2. The Isle of Arran (Scotland) 

The 55 mile route around the outside of Arran, which has been occupied continuously since the neolithic age, is a tough ride with plenty of climbs. But you'll be rewarded with the best of wild Scotland - voted one of the top seven islands in the worlds by CNN!

3.Ocean Road,Victoria (Australia) 

Rugged cliffs, ocean beaches and lush rainforests; their along this beautiful 108 mile route. Plenty of great places to stay and you'll get to see the Apostles - one of the great wonders of the world.

4. La Route Verte (Canada) 

This combination of trails and cycle paths covers 3,000+ miles of Quebec province is North America's longest bicycle network and covers everything from cities, villages, thick forest and windy coasts to tiny villages, mountains, rivers and lakes. Truly awe-inspiring.

5. Udaipur (India) 

If you ride nowhere else on the Indian Subcontinent, the ride around Udaipur; one of the romantic cities in the world, named 'Venice of the East. Ride through the old city and see the ancient palaces and temples across beautiful lakes.

6.Mont Ventoux (France)

Not for the faint hearted but one of the most iconic climbs in Tour de France history. Great views, but you won't get a chance to see them. Just to able to say that you've completed it should be enough.

7. Majorca (Spanish Island)


Deemed to be the holiday destination for 'roadie' cyclists, Majorca has beautiful long climbs, stunning scenery and hotels catering for everything cyclist need; secure bike storage, mechanics on site and plenty of food.

8. Patagonia

Wild and sparsely populated with extremes of everything, Patagonia, at the foot of South America, will make you feel very small and very humble. For serious road tripsters, this is the place to go.

9.The Old Ghost Road (New Zealand) 

An 85 kms long museum to the gold miners of South Island, which has been developed into a mountain biking trail. It's like going back in time  as you cross huge native forests, old rivers and forgotten valleys.

10. Moab (Utah USA) 

Described as the home of the greatest mountain biking and road cycling region on the planet, Moab offers something for everyone, be they beginners or seasoned pro's. Technical trails to easy rides; mountains to the Colorado River.