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A local accessories shop offers cool panniers and stylish bags for your bike

THE CRAZE for cycling around Bangkok's streets is only a few years old but Europeans have been pedalling for work for much, much longer, many of them with a bag strapped to their bikes that started life in Thailand. 

These practical yet attractive accessories have been produced by the family-run firm Vincita for more than two decades for a range of European markets, among them Germany, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and Spain.

Established as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) back in 1987 to supply the international market, Vincita has prospered over the years and continues to do so today thanks to the increasing interest of local buyers. It recently launched its very own brand to meet the demands of that same local market and offers a range of bags from transport bags for folding bikes, panniers and bags for handlebars, top tubes, frames, saddles and racks for both touring and commuting bikes.

"Today, the local market makes up about 40 per cent of our total orders while it was zero 20 years ago. With the European economies continuing to remain sluggish after the 2008 slowdown, we've been lucky to see a growing interest at home.

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