With the range of products we have available, there will surely be one that goes with your choice of bike bags. These bike bags will be a gift from you they’ll never forget and will always carry along with them, whenever they go cycling. 

Gift ideas for Brompton cyclists


Our best-selling collection. Brompton cyclists are famous for their love of adventure and we provide them with bags that will make their next trip fuss-free, making their cycling experience more pleasant.



Gift ideas for road bike cyclists


Our products for road bike cyclists include duffel bags, saddle bags, rain covers etc. We have a new brand of duffel bag which we would love to introduce which is designed to carry gear for road cyclists, gym goers and triathlon.

We also have light-weight top tube bags and rain cover bags which bikers can use even on a rainy day.



Gift ideas for touring bike cyclists


We also have products for touring cyclists which include waterproof bags and bike packing bags. Our bags were proven and tested by adventurous cyclists. They are durable regardless of weather or road conditions, creating a pleasant journey for cyclists.




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