The Brompton diaries and her Sightseer set

The Brompton diaries a Brompton bike enthusiast from the U.S. who travels with Basil her "wonderful" Brompton M6R bicycle.  

"There’s a never-ending and vigorous debate amongst Brompton owners about the best way to travel with our bicycles when packing them is essential.  No one method suits all, with minimalists going for slipping their Bs into IKEA’s Dimpa shopping bag or the equivalent, and maximalists going tor super-pricey hard cases — with many methods in-between."

Basil is bigger than a lot of Bromptons:  She frequently takes long rides with him, so she doesn't remove his somewhat extensive collection of gear.  The handlebars are customized so that they lean in toward me when I ride, which means that Basil is wider than usual when folded.  He has a rear rack with Easy Wheels.

"I was not only able to wrap the packed sleeve over Basil, but also managed to tuck my biking shoes and a week’s worth of clothing — I’m a smallish person, your mileage may vary — in and around Basil’s lower bits, beneath the sleeve.  (Featherweight packing cubes are perfect for this job.) Those stuff-able spaces meant that the Sightseer was the only bag I needed for my Brompton and all of my clothing.  The packing cubes also provided more padding for Basil, though if I were gate-checking him on a plane, I’d do something more formal about protecting projecting parts."

"I was surprised at how much I liked using the Sightseer, and how simple it made packing and transporting my Brompton... it proved a great solution. It’s one I’ll depend on again and again!"


cr. bromptondiaries