Vincita Cycling Guide: Bangkok - Ride for Foodies

Vincita Cycling Guide: Bangkok - Ride for Foodies


One of the world’s best cities for tasty eats. You can find food from street vendors to Michelin fine dining spots. Here we have curated some of the best food spots with good ambience.


Vincita Lifestore

Our new flagship store offers bicycle accessories,snacks and drinks. It’s a hub for cyclists and travellers to enjoy a homemade healthy menu inspired by cities around the world. Go on the bike blender and make yourself a delicious fruit smoothie. Recommended menu items include the grilled banana bread and Jiufen fresh fruit tea.



Mont Nomsod

The original Mont Nomsod has now been open for 50 years, located on Dinsor road. They serve fresh milk with the best egg custard and bread in town, but beware of long queues at night.



Pad Thai Pratu Pi (Pad Thai Lung Pa)

You don’t leave Thailand without trying Pad Thai. This food stall makes the best authentic Pad Thai. Be aware of the 2 stalls next to each other, one is big and crowded but not original. The original one is the quiet one and only opens during the day.



Samyan Market  

Student friendly priced, nice portion size of food. The 2nd floor of Samyam market is full of low-cost steak stalls. Don’t expect fine dining here but you are paying less than $6 for 5 steaks on a plate.




Chatujak Weekend Market

The world’s biggest Sunday market. You can find literally everything here from plain t-shirts to exotic pets! It is going to take you more than one weekend to finish the market so cheap eats and refreshing drinks are sold along the side of the streets to cool you off and keep you moving. Try Miang Kam, leaves that are filled with dried coconut, ginger, lime, cashew and other secret ingredients.



Wang Lang Market

The best place to experience the authentic Thai market. It’s crowded, it’s humid, it’s old but that’s the charm of it. There are many conservative food and snacks cooked with original recipes. We recommend the fried sausages; sure, it’s unhealthy but some of us cycle to eat.